This area is under development. It is open 24 hours a day so that you can get a "feel" for what we can do. You may find other collectors present at various times other than the scheduled times and you certainly can leave messages for others to read. I have set it to keep a history of the last 60 messages. These you can read after you log in. There is no "automatic" refresh so be sure to click on that button often. If you log in with your e-mail address, you can receive answers to your questions by mail. Please use the "log out" feature, if you just close the browser window, everyone (and the web server) thinks you are still present!

For now, let's try this schedule.





 Friday 9-10pm  8-9pm  7-8pm  6-7pm   2-3
 Saturday 3-4pm  2-3pm  1-2pm 12-1pm  20-21
 Sunday 8-11pm  7-10pm  6-9pm  5-8pm   1-4

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Eventually, there will be a firm schedule, accommodating as many as possible, for "Chat Times" so that we can all get together and rag chew about collecting German stamps and such.

Don't expect this area to stay the same very long, there will be countless changes happening as time permits.

For now just click on Chat Room