We were all good friends in 1909


I guess that this was actually my first serious "one frame" exhibit. This preferential rate had been buried within the rate structures and ignored by collectors until then. The local Twin Cities show was in the process of qualifying for WSP status and needed frames. Not a "National" show? Well the Grand award doesn't get to enter the World Series of Philately competition but all other things are the same as a normal WSP show. The Judging panel?

 William S. Dunn, Chairman  Dr. Peter McCann
 Anthony K. Brooks  Mary Ann Owens
 George T. Guzzio  

Those who know judging teams would agree that is was about as fine a group as could be put together for any show. Mary Ann even brought he "The Elephant and Its Relationship with Man" for our Court of Honor.

To my surprise, this distinguished group awarded me not only a Platinum Medal but the Best Single Frame Exhibit award. At the Critique, note was made that this was exactly what a One Frame exhibit should be. A limited subject, well treated within 16 pages. (I think that the fact that the rate was a revelation to most of the judges didn't hurt either).

Showing this exhibit in other exhibitions has resulted in solid gold awards. In 2003, at Colopex (Columbus, OH) it received not only a gold award but the "Best Single Frame" award. Not bad for what I consider was pulled out of my junk boxes!

My challenge, from the judges, was to do it again, showing the American usages. (Easier said than done, most of the surviving 2 cent mail from the USA to Germany are insipid postal stationery examples, the condition of which make few collector's hearts beat faster).


Somehow, I just can't get excited about a 16 page exhibit of the following: