Exhibiton Hall

This area is open to any Germany Philatelic Society member that would like to add their exhibit to the our website. One page or a full 160 page exhibit are all welcome. Please contact the webmaster for details on how your pride and joy can be shown here.

Most of these can be downloaded as "E Books" to your reader.

Exhibits to see

Owner pages

 The Blue Flea and its Travels  George Rath  32  Notopfer issue
 Germany's Crown and Eagle 1889  Jerry Jensen  128  at another site
 The 1948 Buildings Series  Calvin V. Whitsel  31  Buildings issue
  The 1948 Buildings Series  M. C. Gilhousen  133  Large exhibit of Building Issue
 When Money Buys Little  Jerry Jensen  128  Post WW I Inflation
 The definitive Issue of 1941  Wally Kurth  160  Hitler Issue
 Rohrpost  Wally Kurth  141  Rohrpost system
 I want a Date but I'm fussy  Jerry Jensen  16  One frame on using cancel dates.